~Tom and Jeannie are planning a 40th wedding anniversay family reunion sometime summer-fall of 2010. Tentatively in Branson Missouri. All families are invited to attend!

~Baby shower for Kimberly Majeske August 30th. Time and place TBD.

~Brett and Jennifer are planning a 10 year wedding anniversary/halloween party October 31. All families are invited to come trick or treating with them at 9806 Ivan dr. Ypsilanti, MI (Chads trailer.)


Welcome to the new Majeske family website!

Here you will find family news,

birthdays, events, pictures, and

links to individual family websites.

I've also included a history section

thats tells a little bit about where

we came from. I'd like to get this

as complete as possible so please e-mail

me at with

any events your family

has coming up, or anything else

i've missed. Feel free to take a look

around and give me your feedback!




Upcoming Birthdays

~ July 29th Paul Majeske

~ August 4th Amber Seidel

~ August 4th Jenny Majeske

~ August 10th Joseph Wilkin

~ August 18th Lauren Majeske

~September 16 Lisa Lamb

~September 28 Andrew Wilkin